What You Need To Know About Dating Women

What You Need To Know About Dating Women

For the men out there who are interested in dating women here’s some great information for you. If you’re not rich or famous or are a celebrity you have nothing to worry about. In fact, even if you are not good looking nor have the body of a Greek God you still have nothing to fret.

Why am I saying this? Because women, unlike men, have different types of attraction triggers. You need to understand these triggers if you want to know how to impress a girl. What really draws a woman to be with a man is nothing that he can display on the outside with the abovementioned items. Sure, having those things do help a man, but it is very limited. I know this may seem counter intuitive, but having money and success helps a man improve upon what really attracts a woman, it does not attract a woman.

Let me repeat that again. Having fame, fortune and rock solid abs, helps a guy develop and enhance what really draws a woman to liking them – it does not make a woman like them.

The truth about dating women

So what am I talking about here?

Think about it this way.

Are you attracted to a girl who walks with confidence and is not embarrassed or shy to show off her feminine and attractive body?

Do you like women who do not cower in shame and who are unable to display what sets them apart from men?

Are you drawn to women who have the ability to look like a Greek Goddess in a bikini?


Well that’s because MEN are attracted to a woman’s looks.

They say that men are shallow and we do not care about anything else apart from what a girl looks like. Well that’s partly true. The truth of the matter is that men, much more so than women, judge and determine their preference of a sexual partner solely based on their appearance on the outside and what they perceive to be sexy.

Well women are the same! Except, they judge men based on something else.

They judge a man on his personality!

Having the materialistic success such as a big house a nice car and big wads of cash serve to increase a man’s CONFIDENCE in himself, thus boosting his personality which in turn increases his ability to attract women.

That’s the real secret to dating women.

Be confident in your own skin, because if you are, then you’re immediately 10 times sexier than a good looking and rich man who is not.