Interesting Things To Talk About With Girls

Interesting Things To Talk About With Girls

So you are talking to a women, then you suddenly run out of conversation topics or need some more conversation starters.

Notice all of the questions I am providing you are open ended and allow her to talk about herself to you. By doing so, not only will this build attraction to you, because she will be able to relate to the conversation (because it is about her) she will find you very interesting because everyone loves to talk about themselves!

Just remember when she is talking, you need to give comments and align yourself to the values that she highlights. That is why it is very important you listen to what she has to say, because she is giving you the very tools required to seduce her! Now is that a good reason to listen to her or what?

Some good general conversation topics and conversation starters to chat about are:

  1. Her past High school experiences – was she the popular girl school or was she the high school nerd?
  2. Past accidents, like broken bones, cuts – talk if she had any sort of incidents such as these and how did she deal with them?
  3. First time she broke the law – what was it like and what did she do?
  4. What were her favourite childhood memories – did she like little horses or was she a bit of a tomboy?
  5. What are her favourite teenage memories – who did she used to hang out with or what was her fondest memory?
  6. What about her college memories – was she a bit of a party girl or was she a book worm?
  7. What are the best pranks she’s seen or experienced – is she a fun loving girl or a up tight person?
  8. Does she like old music and old movies – if she does then she would be a sentimental person with a bit of class!
  9. What skills or talents that she has – let her talk about what she can do and then get her to show you sometime!

Now those are general topics. Since I am so nice, I have provided you with 4 very detailed and specific questions just in case you need a conversation topic or conversation topic word for word.

  1. If you could meet somebody and have the most amazingly love affair with, I am talking about the stuff of dreams kind of love affair, but after 6 months you knew your lover would die… would you still pursue it? What if instead of dying, the person would betray and cheat on you…?
  2. If you could live for 1000 more years, but you would have to be really ugly, would you say yes and why?
  3. If you were able to live till you were 1000, but would have to keep the body of a 75 year old for most of your life, would you do it?
  4. If you could invite 5 people from history to your own dinner party, who would you invite and why?