Strawberry Fields Routine – The Seduction Technique I Like To Use

Strawberry Fields Routine - The Seduction Technique I Like To Use

I used to wonder what are the most successful seduction techniques or seduction tips, because I had no idea how to attract women. I always thought that there was some sort of secret ninja magic trick that could perform on a woman and then it would suddenly make her hopelessly attracted to me then pounce on me and tear my clothes off. I’m glad to say, I found it!

Instead of thinking about it in terms of seduction techniques, I have come to the conclusion that you need to develop a personality trait that automatically is seductive in character. The technique you use is only a tool to demonstrate to the woman that you know how her mind works. It lets her know that you are the type of man she is looking for and it would be in her own self interest to want to be with you.

So how do I portray this stuff to the girl I am interested in?

You get inside her head.

You make your presence felt in her mind.

Seduce her mind

You employ the seduction techniques that I am going to show you in this article to come across to her that you know how she feels, what makes her tick and what kind of person she is. Once you can illustrate to her that you are connected with her on both the emotional and intellectual level, she will automatically hunger for a physical connection.

I personally like to play interesting games with women. This is because I have yet to meet a single woman who is not receptive to the games I play with them.

Strawberry Fields

I like to play a game called strawberry fields. I like this game because you can directly bridge on to sex talk immediately after you play this game with them and it doesn’t come across as being sleazy or what not.

Ask her this:

Imagine she is alone walking on on a slope, then she suddenly sees a farm of her favorite fruit. Then ask her what her favorite fruit is.

After she chooses what fruit she likes, then you continue to tell her that as she runs up to the farm, she suddenly sees a fence. How tall is this fence and what is it made from?

Once she tells you how tall or small it is, you ask her once she gets into the field, how does she select her fruit? Is she picky or does she just grab whatever is around.

Lastly, ask her how she feels after she consumes the fruit and runs away. What feelings does she have for the farmer?


  • Her favorite fruit = the type of guy she likes (if she likes watermelons, say something like you like men who are hard on the outside but soft on the inside)
  • How tall and sturdy her fence is = the smaller and crappier the fence, the easier she is to get into bed
  • How she picks her fruit = how she picks her men
  • How she feels towards the farmer = how she feels towards the parents of the men she has been with.

I’m sure once you have played this game with her, you will be able to talk about sexual topics with ease.