6 Tips and Tricks to to Attract Women

Tricks Attract Women

You may think to yourself, it’s unbelievable that you do not know how to attract women and that you are still single now. You know you are not ugly. In fact, some say that you are charming. Well, given that it was your Aunt Hilda and Uncle Barney who said that and they are, by blood-duty, forced to say nice things to you, don’t you think they will go as far as lie to your face? You also know that you have a great character. There is nothing weird about you that can lead people to think they should stay away from you if they want to live. But why can’t you seem to get the interest of that girl in your office or that wonderful waiter in your favorite coffee shop? Here are some of the easiest tips and tricks to get her look your way, or even more.

  1. Look presentable

Think of it this way, you may just be walking out of the door to throw the trash but you never know if that cute neighbor of yours is looking. So before stepping out of your door, brush that mess of a hair and please, put on some pants.

  1. Smell nice

Some men think that buying that cheap men’s cologne over at Rite Aid is the answer on the question how to attract women. No, fact of the matter is, so long as you smell clean and that your nails do not have dirt in them, then you are all set.

  1. Have an air of confidence in you

And by confident, this does not mean arrogant. Say what you do proudly, walk tall and when you talk to people, never use a twitchy voice. If you do end up stuttering, talk slower and modulate your voice. This helps you sound more confident.

  1. Be a gentleman

This is one of the most important thing but it seems like most of our men forget to use it. Girl love gentleman men because she think she can count on him most of the time. Remember offer to carry some of her load if ever she passes by your area and she seems to be hauling an entire kitchen showcase. Most women may exude the aura of independence but lending a hand is not a bad gesture to be remembered by.

  1. Find the courage to get to know her more

Say you are lucky enough to ride the elevator with her. Work up the courage to open your mouth to say a simple greeting, like “Hi,” or “Good Morning.”

  1. Act like you know your manners

If you show her your barbaric ways, like shouting at the valet or getting really worked up with the cleaning lady in your office, then this shows some nasty behavior that most women do not want to undergo through.

These 6 how to attract women tips are very effective because they are tested and tried ways on how women start to get interested. Try applying them even just for 4 weeks and see how much you’ve improved your chances in attracting the ladies. Who knows, you may even finally get the attention of that childhood sweetheart you have been pining for since forever.