What Do Girls Not Find Attractive In Men?

Girls Not Find Attractive Men

Girls Not Find Attractive Men

What do girls not find attractive in men is a difficult question to answer. Every girl has her own pre-defined set of ‘good’ qualities and ‘bad qualities’ for guys. Still there are certain virtues in guys that are liked by everyone and certain bad habits that are, of course, disliked by everyone. Guys normally have a tendency to impress girls. For doing that they sometimes put on an act that is not appreciated by the female sex.

The characteristics that girls do not find attractive in men:

All girls want their better halves to be sensible, caring and loyal. These prime qualities are looked for in a guy by every single girl for sure. Similarly, there are certain common dislikes as well. Let us see what those are:

  • Too serious types – If the guy always remains in a serious mood and has a bad sense of humour than he may have to struggle very hard to win his girl’s heart.
  • Very Aggressive or short tempered- Girls never like guys who always keep arguing. So, you need to keep a check on your temper when you are out with your girl.
  • Boasting about things – Certain guys have a tendency of boasting about things unnecessarily. This is disliked by every girl. A true honest guy is always a better choice over someone who is too much into bragging.
  • No fashion sense- This is another thing that a woman hates. A woman always loves to have a well groomed guy standing next to her. Guys with a poor sense of dressing fail to earn brownie points and may lose the game very soon.
  • Dumb behaviour – If you are taking a woman out on a date than you should be mature enough to plan the entire evening wisely, considering her comfort and preferences. There are some people who act dumb and are not able to do certain basic things like booking a table in advance for two, buying a nice gift, ordering food that is liked by your partner. Also the guy should have good communication skills and table manners to impress his girl. If these things are missing the girl is sure to wash her hands off him.
  • Guy trying to get physical – Most women do not prefer to get into a physical relationship before marriage. Some may not like to get physical in the beginning but could get comfortable as the relationship grows. So, you need to act accordingly.
  • Never drink to excess – This is another prohibition for a woman. A woman won’t mind a man drinking but it has to be done within limits. If you lose control of your senses, you will find the girl gone once you come back to your senses.
    Bad manners – A guy should always behave well in front of a girl. Bad behavior is never appreciated by a woman. A woman likes her husband when invited to Danau Ranau Lampung, intelligent and mature enough to handle things.



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