Things Men Do Differently From Women

Things Men Do Differently From Women

Things Men Do Differently From Women

Men and women are very much alike, but there are a number of things men simply do differently to women.

The Way They Drive

Men drive like they are taking part in NASCAR 500 while women drive like are taking part in a contest and have to do everything, “perfectly” in order to win.

Social Media

Men don’t care what they look like when pictures of them are posted while women have to be in the right light, have the right angle, and can’t look, “fat” in certain pictures. Also, women post more selfies than men do.

Weddings and Marriage

If a man plans a wedding there would be a BBQ with beer, when a woman plans a wedding, every detail down to the socks the groom wears needs to be perfect. When they get married, a woman thinks she will change him while a man thinks she won’t change, but does.


When a woman plays, she plays for exercise and doesn’t care about the clothes she wears. When a man plays golf, it’s serious, and he even wears his best clothes there.

The Way They Spend Money

A man will spend .00 on a .00 item if he needs it. While a woman will buy an item she doesn’t need because it’s on sale.

How To Handle Children

A woman will know everything about her children; doctor appts, best friends, favorite foods, activities they enjoy doing, the works. A man is vaguely aware of the little people in his life and if alone with them, will panic and call his mom for help!

How They Act When In Love

When a woman is in love, she’s not afraid to admit it. While if a man is in love, he will run and hide, deny all feelings because men are comfortable with the feeling of vulnerable.


When men and women argue, a woman always gets the last word and anything a man says after that is the start of a new argument.

The Idea Of Engagement

A woman fantasizes about how a man will propose to her with such a romantic gesture. While a man just tries to think of something “good” and “sweet” to say, and remember to get down on one knee. A woman’s idea of a romantic proposal is something you see in fairy tales, while to a man, on the scoreboard at a game, is romance to him.


A man’s idea of a fetish are feet, boobs, and booties. While a woman’s idea of a fetish are related to shoes, handbags, and chocolate.

Women Think, “We,” While Men think, “Me”

Women think in terms of being together while men think in terms of single. Men focus on one thing at a time, while women can think in terms of hundreds of things at once.


Women are never afraid to cry, while men fear crying themselves and even seeing a woman cry makes a man uncomfortable.


Men have sex just to have sex. While women have sex because they feel close to a man, have feelings for that guy and think a man will fall in love with them if the sleep with him. On the other hand, there are some guys who have sex to get close to a woman, and women who have sex just for the sole purpose of feeling


A man flirts by throwing a corny pick-up line, while a woman flirts in two ways: 1) Either she flirts with her eyes that make a guy want to come over to her or 2) She goes over to a guy says that he is cute and hands him her number.

Drink Preference

Men prefer beer while women prefer wine.



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