Text Messages Women Should Stop Sending Their New Man

Text Messages Women Should Stop Sending Their New Man

Text Messages Women Should Stop Sending Their New Man

Having a new boyfriend is exciting, but some women can get too excited. Here are 15 texts women send that could scare off their new man.

Let’s Plan A Vacation

Planning a vacation is a big commitment in a new relationship. You shouldn’t plan anything more in advance than the amount of time you’ve been with someone.

Are You Free Tonight?

This is a risky question. If you aren’t officially together and he says ‘no,’ you may feel hurt and rejected.

Outfit Choices

Guys typically don’t care what a girl wears as long as she looks good. Asking a guy you’ve just started dating how your butt looks in those jeans will only annoy him and get the response expected from a man.

I’m So Glad I Met You

Just a tad over-eager to tell someone. He may think you’ve been desperate for a date the last 10 years.

Pictures Of Nieces And Nephews

First of all, he probably doesn’t know them. Secondly, it’s a way of making him think about having kids with you and that will only freak him out.

What’re You Doing?

This isn’t so bad, but when you start asking multiple times a day it can make you look obsessed.

Thinking About You!

Random texts meant to be cute don’t usually come across that way. Sure you’re thinking about him, but he doesn’t need to know that.

Running Late

If you’re constantly running behind and making him wait, he’ll start to think you aren’t really interested.

My Mom Wants To Meet You

It may be a little soon to be introducing him to your folks.

Nude Photos

If you haven’t been dating that long then how do you know he isn’t sharing your pictures with other people?

I Want To Meet Your Family

This is a huge step for most guys. When he’s ready for you to meet his family, he’ll let you know.

I Miss You

It’s probably not a good idea to tell someone you’ve only known for two months that you miss them.

Too Many Texts

Constantly texting a guy won’t get you more of his attention, instead it’ll get you blocked.

I Love You

It’s best to say this in person, and it’s also a good idea to wait until you really know him.

Pictures Of Engagement Rings

Slow down there, honey. If you’re looking for a good way to scare the poor guy off, then sending pictures of rings will do the trick.



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