The New Rules Of Dating

The New Rules Of Dating

The New Rules Of Dating

These aren’t your mama rules, that’s for sure. Since most people are down on traditional dating, here are the new 15 rules for doing it, skipping online dating, and actually getting a satisfying relationship.

Rule 1: Ladies, Don’t Sit Around And Wait

Today a woman can walk up to a guy and give him her number. She can chase a man, play hard to get, and do all that a man has been doing for years. Don’t sit on your hands and wait for a guy to come to you. If he isn’t moving in your direction, go out there and make it happen.

Rule 2: Guys, Think Outside The Box

the idea of having a “type” should be obsolete. The truth is, You never end up with who you think you will. You may find the ‘perfect’ person, on paper, but when you are together, you are not a match.

Rule 3: Set Boundaries

Your time, energy, self-esteem, and well-being are precious. Dating should be fun, it shouldn’t be making you miserable. If you continue to be in misery, you are doing something wrong. Take a serious look at yourself and also what pushes your buttons. What can you live with and what can you do without?

Rule 4: Keep The Game Playing For Board Games

If you guys want to play games, then go ahead and date Milton Bradley. Women hate it with a passion, when you start messing with us! You either want us or you don’t, there is no middle ground. We aren’t options and we aren’t pieces of meat either. Make up your mind and move ahead!

Rule 5: Unless You Only Want To Hook Up, Wait Awhile

Some guys just want to score and do the one night stand crap while some ladies think that they can actually have a relationship out of a one night stand! If you really want the relationship to work, then let the sex wait awhile. There’s no timetable set, but if you actually take the first couple months and actually get to know each other, the sex will be amazing.

Rule 6: Communicate

Men still think that women are mind readers when we aren’t even close to knowing what guys are thinking and feeling. If you have something to say, say it damn it!

Rule 7: Future Talk Is Recommended

Today it’s okay and even recommended to talk about what you see the future to be. The only thing to remember is that guys, when she brings it up, she isn’t asking you to marry her tomorrow. And ladies, when he brings it up, it doesn’t mean to get the wedding dress lined-up.

Rule 8: Break Ups Should Be Don In Person

Breaking up should be done in person, not by text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s not something fun to do, but everyone you deal with should be respected and their feelings should be respected. Period.

Rule 9: If You Got It, Flaunt It

Back in the day, women were told to be tight lipped, wear clothing that isn’t too revealing, and just go with whatever the man says. Today, that rule is thrown out of the window! If you have curves, flaunt them. Be proud of who you are. One man will discover that and not only want it, but appreciate it.

Rule 10: Less is More

Today ladies the natural look is “the look.” And for the fellows, less cologne and aftershave is the key. You don’t want to look and smell like you just came from whore house.

Rule 11: Double Dutch Unless It’s The First Date

Chivalry should not be dead in 2015. With that said, guys, the first date should still be on you. But every date afterwards should be split up. It’s just fair and right.

Rule 12: Keep The First Few Dates Light

The first 3 dates should be about getting to know someone and just having fun. Walking around the mall, bowling, miniature golf, dinner, meeting for drinks/coffee, and going to a sporting event are all great things to do that will help you laugh, let loose, and just have fun!

Rule 13: Date One Person At A Time

This is why online dating never works: Choice Overload. You are dating five women at once and sleeping with three. Then someone else comes into the picture and you can’t keep who is who straight!

Stop trying to be Mr. Big Shot and go out with one lady at a time. This way you won’t have to freak out when you scream out, “Mary,” instead of “Susan.”

Rule 14: Be Yourself

The best person to be is yourself. Stop pretending to be someone else just so that person will like you. The only person you end up hurting is yourself.

Rule 15: Don’t Date Just Because Everyone Else Tells You

Just because all your friends are either married, dating someone or your mom is pressuring you to “get out there,” doesn’t mean that you should. This is the rule: Only date when YOU feel that you should. Don’t date because of peer pressure. If you do that, you will not only lose, but you will end up in misery.



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