7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Ever wondered why people often say “Nice Guys Finish Last”?

If you’re a nice guy, chances are you don’t know how to impress a girlfor sure.

I mean, wouldn’t your left brain logic tell you that women should want a nice guy because he is “just so nice”. And isn’t it so interesting that when you ask a women what she wants in a man she always says something like “oh he’s got to be nice”. But do you notice something?

Nice guys don’t get the girls.

The bad guys and jerks always do.

So how can this be? Are women seriously that brain dead to realize that nice guys are better for them in the long run?

But to start off with starts look at the typical mistakes that nice guys make.

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. They are too needy and nice – they always call up to check if the girl is ok. They are always there for them, no matter what happens, as long as she calls. He will be there. He then ends up to the backup for when she can’t get a date with the guy she is really interested in.
  2. They have unrealistic expectations – the nice guy believes so long he is nice to her, eventually she will turn around and see the light and magically fall in love with him.
  3. They put her on a pedestal – the nice guy always seems to idolize the women that he is trying to impress. It is as if he cannot seem to try any harder to make her like him.
  4. They make their happiness and entire life revolve around the dependence on their relationship with women – this is another way of coming off as way too needy and spineless.
  5. They do not initiate touch – when he is out with a woman, he will not touch her in any other way unless it is required. Even if he does touch her he makes it very formal and “nice”
  6. They ask for permission – he is always seeking permission to do things for her, for example “may I buy you a drink”, “may I open the door for you”… only people who are unsure of themselves keep asking these questions.
  7. They care too much – by caring too much on the outcome of the relationship the nice guy is unable to demonstrate what kind of person he really is. Then he is left wondering why no understands him.

I hope after seeing this long list of reasons as to the typical mistakes that a nice guys make, you will see why nice guys finish last.

It is simple because each and everyone of the points listed above demonstrate to the women that he is a lower status male. He shows her that he needs to have her. He shows her that he cannot have fun without her. He shows her that he is not the alpha male, because he always is around to please. He will never be her number one priority because he is always there and happy to be number 10 on her list!

Nice guys simply do not bring FUN and EXCITEMENT into the life of the women he is trying to pursue. That is what women desire! Sure, nice guys posses all the other elements that left brain logical male assumes that women would be attracted to, such as stability, commitment and “niceness”. But that is not what attracts women.

To be attractive around women, you need to be daring, fun and exciting. You need to get her emotions going up and down. You need to be able playfully touch her. Then finally, he needs to seduce her. That is the realm where no nice guy ends up, but always wonders why. Well I hope after reading this article you will also know why.

So now you know why nice guys finish last, learn how to attract women by not being a nice guy without being a jerk.



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