Top Reasons Why Men Fail When Dating Women

Reasons Men Fail Dating Women

Reasons Men Fail Dating Women

The top reasons why men fail when dating women is an interesting subject to talk about. It is also perhaps one of the hottest topics amongst young guys. You can find a lot of matter about dating on the net. Dating women has always been tough for men. But as time has passed things have changed. Women have become more open when it comes to having relationships with guys. So, nowadays it is not that difficult to date a woman as it was some time ago.

Going by the saying, ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ it becomes quite clear that, without doubt, there are certain inherent issues between men and women which makes things difficult at times but if these issues are sorted out properly then it is not so such a task to date someone.

What are the top ten reasons why men fail when dating women?

Here are the mistakes that men make while dating a woman:

  1. Trying to portray too much of a goody good image – Some guys want to present themselves as nice guys in front of girls, when they actually are not. As it is with human behaviour, one cannot wear a mask for a very long time. So, of course, these guys get exposed very soon and that signals the end of the relationship.
  2. Trying to do things just to impress her – Real is real and fake is fake. Not all women are materialistic enough to get carried away by costly gifts. The real heroism of a guy lies in his ability to look after the girl well. The fake approach of buying gifts or doing certain things just to impress her does not give success for long and gets exposed soon.
  3. Convincing her that he is the right guy for her – Love is an emotion that cannot be imposed on anyone. It is a feeling that comes from within. So, telling a woman that “I am the best guy for you” is the biggest mistake that a guy makes. Let the girl decide what she feels about you. Do not push her. If she really likes you, you would know that in no time.
  4. Exposing your feelings too early – A woman always takes time to judge the guy she plans to be with for the rest of her life. You should remain silent about your feelings initially papua. Let the woman take her time to judge you as a person and if she really likes you then she will definitely give you some hints so that you could make your move.
  5. Trying to control her life.
  6. Trying to get physical with your girl without her permission could get you in a dangerous situation.
  7. Assuming that money plays a major part in attracting a woman – A working girl may never take it positively if the guy tries to show her his money power.
  8. Seeking permission every now and then.
  9. Being too proud to ask for help.

Trying to take the woman to shady discs and pubs where she may not be comfortable.



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