Rules For Dating Your Friend’s Ex

Rules For Dating Your Friend’s Ex

Rules For Dating Your Friend’s Ex

So, you are interested in your friend’s ex, huh? Think you can do a “better job” or think he or she is “the one?” Well, before you go for it, here are the rules you will have to follow since dating a friend’s ex isn’t something you really should do.

Recognize that some exes really are off-limits. Think about all the stuff he or she put your friend through. Do you want to rehash that or worse yet, go through it yourself? These are questions you need to ask yourself first.

Question the Motives. Why would he or she want to go out with you? Is it to get your friend jealous or are they really attracted to you?

Okay, so you went for it and they said yes, the next rule is to take it slow and ease into your social life.

Fess up to your Friend Fast after you go out on the third date. I only say three dates because if you make it to this number, then it is about to get serious.

Now, Prepare for the Backlash. Your friend may unfriend you or your friend may get really angry at you for going behind her or his back and asking them out even after he or she told you that they didn’t want you to date him or her. Now you got an even more bigger problem on your hands.

Stay Off Facebook as A Relationship. You don’t need to spread it around especially in the beginning stages of the relationship. You don’t want to cause more drama than dating a friend’s ex already causes.

Don’t trash talk. Why would you want to trash talk about your friend or about their relationship? That’s not right at all.

Don’t pry into their relationship. You don’t need details about their sex life or details about why he thought she was annoying. The point is it’s you dating him or her now, not your friend. So treat it as any new relationship.

Don’t gossip. Don’t go around trying to make yourself look better than your friends. It was very bland. Not only that, but it makes you look like you don’t care about your friend at all. If he asks about her, don’t talk. If he asks Sales Daihatsu Makassar, “The real reason” will back off. The point is not to go out of your way to say mean things now that the two of you are dating.

Finally, No comparison. That’s so unfair! Your friend is different from you when it comes to relationships. The way you socialize, the way you kiss, the way you connect and even the way you have sex will not be the same. Don’t save the score. Because if you’re serious about doing that, then you really aren’t friends from the start.



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