15 Ways The Super Bowl Can Ruin Your Relationship

15 Ways The Super Bowl Can Ruin Your Relationship

15 Ways The Super Bowl Can Ruin Your Relationship

Be prepared for the meltdown and you might just avoid it.

Cleaning together before the game

It’s a beautiful Saturday and your babe wants you to stay in and clean with them. They must be crazy.

Models prancing around during commercials

Either she’s going to gripe about it so much that you can’t take it anymore, or he’s going to drool all over the coffee table and get slapped.

They’re vegetarian

Just assume that you are going to see lots of meat products during commercials. You’re going to have to work extra hard to resist making cheeky comments about bacon to your animal-loving partner.

You invited your ex

Seriously, what the heck were you thinking? That’s just asking for trouble.

They have to work while you party

Seeing your drunken fun over a series of Snapchats is enough to send anyone over the edge.

Their parents are coming over for the game

It’s just no fun having to watch your behavior during the game. If it helps you get through this one, the parents usually leave pretty early.

You are a terrible cook

Instead of making everyone at the party pretend that they like your cooking and embarrassing your significant other, you should probably order food.

They get wasted and pass out

You are getting just a little too old for this. Next!

Your dog escapes

You have told them a hundred times to make sure the door is all the way closed. If you don’t get your dog back you might end up in jail tonight.

Old fights resurface

When the booze starts flowing all the old, buried drama somehow makes its way into conversation. Better to get things off your chest before the party.

Too much PDA

They’re trying to let everyone else at the party know that you’re taken but the tongue in your ear is a bit much.

They leave their phone lying around

Wait a second; you thought they had uninstalled Tinder.

They get drunk and you have to drive home

That wasn’t the agreement and now you can’t finish the beer you just cracked open. It was you that drove for New Years Eve. Unbelievable.

Asking a million questions during the game

Why didn’t they ask about the rules during all the games leading up to The Super Bowl? Great, now you missed the play.

Your teams are playing each other

Just pack your bags now.



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