Ways To Tell The First Date Will Be The Only Date

Ways To Tell The First Date Will Be The Only Date

Ways To Tell The First Date Will Be The Only Date

Anticipating the first date can be fun and exciting. Sometimes that goes downhill fast once the date starts. Here are a few deal breakers guaranteeing there will be no date number two.

He’s Late

If he is not even courteous enough to be on time he is probably not worth your time.

He Leaves Early

He’s not interested, move on. You know you had an exit strategy ready if you weren’t interested.

He Calls His Mother During The Date

First of all, it’s probably not his Mom and if it is, why does he have to check in with her during a date?

He Doesn’t Look Clean

If there is any possibility that he hasn’t showered before the date, run. Yuck. Goodbye.

You Think He Didn’t Brush His Teeth

Double Yuck. No thank you. Bad hygiene is a deal breaker.

You Have Nothing To Talk About

The pauses in the conversation are painfully long. Sometimes two people just do not click.You can’t worry about it.

He Lives Two Hours From You

This is probably going to be your only date with this guy unless you two fall head over heels for each other. It’s just too hard to date someone who lives far away.

He Flirts Excessively With The Waitress

If he is more interested in talking to her than getting to know you, this should be your one and only date with this guy.

He Gets Drunk

This is wrong on so many levels and a red flag. Call him a cab and move on.

He Starts Talking About Your Future Together

Too much, too soon. Whoa boy!

He Starts Naming Your Future Children

A first date is not the time to talk about the future. It’s supposed to be about getting to know each other, gradually. If he is too aggressive or needy, something is wrong.

He Compares You To His Ex

No one should bring up their ex on a first date. Almost everyone has a former significant other in their past, but a first date is no time to discuss them.

He Brags About All the Women he has Had

Guess what buddy, I won’t be another conquest for you. You obviously don’t respect women or yourself.

He Comes Up Short On The Bill

If he asks you to float him a few bucks because he can’t pay the bill then this should be your last date. Loser!

He Is Constantly Checking His Phone

Rude! If he can’t turn away from Facebook or the score of the basketball game on the first date, you probably will never get his full attention.

He Tries Making Out With You

This means he just wants to hook up. No guy rushes a girl he really likes. If you are looking for more this should be your last date.



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