Things All Men Should Know About Sex

Things All Men Should Know About Sex

Things All Men Should Know About Sex

When men hear the word “sex,” their eyes light up, their minds go off to porn-a-land and they start to feel all tingly inside. The only problem is that they think they got sex down pat: WRONG! Here are 18 things all men should know about sex, but don’t.

We like it dirtier than you think

Be gentle, but not too gentle. Sometimes we like it a little rough… nibble on our ears or give our butts a little spank. It’s a huge turn on.

Rolling over and texting is a slap in the face

Right after sex would be a great opportunity to spoon or snuggle or hold hands. Rolling over and texting your buddies right after we have just had sex is totally rude.

It’s not all about you

Sometimes, you need to focus on your lady. It’s not all about you… remember there is another person in the picture- your lady!

For most, the back door is an exit only

Most of us girls don’t appreciate you trying to slip it in the backdoor and claiming it was “an accident”. Not cool. At least ask first so we can reject it before you sneak up on us.

We can’t bend as much as you think we can

Seriously, dude. Stop trying to bend me every way til Sunday and thinking that I am actually that flexible. I am not a gymnast and my legs and arms can only bend so far!

You Can’t Give Her The Fairy Tale, But It’s Nice To Try

You’re never going to recreate the romance novels. Not going to happen. But think about why she likes them… She just wants to feel special and beautiful.

Surprises Are (Almost) Always A Good Thing

Maybe she just walked in from the other room, or you just got back from something where she looked great — you don’t always have to hold back.

Toys Are Your Friends, Not Your Enemy

I don’t understand why most guys get so intimidated by seeing blind folds, handcuffs, vibrators, etc. Yes, they can turn women on in ways that you can’t, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to your advantage and still have a little fun!

Get Clean To Get Dirty

Would you want to get all up in someone’s personal space if they smelled like the city dump? What about if they smelled really, really, REALLY good?

Just Because You’re Getting It Doesn’t Mean You’re Doing It Right

Yay, you got some… go you! But the misconception that guys don’t get is that Just because you’re getting it doesn’t mean that you know what you are doing nor does it mean that you are satisfying her every time.

You Don’t Know It All

To continue the previous point, Just because you scored doesn’t also mean that you also KNOW everything there is to know about the female body and what women want. Because frankly 75% of you are totally off on this one. Not every woman is the same, therefore, not every woman is going to enjoy.

Sex Is Nothing Like Porn

Face it guys, porn has ruined your vision of what actual sex is and what it is “supposed” to look and feel like. Just like Fairy Tales ruined love for women, porn has ruined your reality of sex.

Become The Cuddle Bug

When it comes to cuddling, you guys are just dumb! Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe if you cuddled with your woman, that would lead to “lower cuddling?” Cuddling prior to sex leads to sex and cuddling after sex makes a woman what to have sex again with you!

See, you don’t know it all!

Don’t Rush It

Here’s the thing, woman don’t enjoy the five minute quickie as much as you guys do. Rushing it serves what purpose? Seriously, what does the saying, “All night long,” really mean to you?

Just Because You’ve Climaxed Doesn’t Necessarily Mean She Has

The fact is that it takes a woman 10-20 minutes to actually climax compared to a guy’s 3-5 minutes.

If You Expect Oral Sex, You’ve Got To Reciprocate

If you wish to receive, you must also be ready to give. Don’t be cheap in the bedroom too.

Watch Your Hands

Another thing that you guys just don’t get is that women don’t like to be man-handled! Please be careful when touching our breasts and please make sure your hands are warm and not freezing cold!

Learn To Listen

Yes guys, it bearing repeating: listen, listen, listen. Just don’t talk and just don’t wait for your turn either, listen to what is being said of you. If we tell you we are not comfortable doing something, or we like it a certain way, pay attention, and then you’ll score some points!



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