Truths About Love Men Just Don’t Get

Truths About Love Men Just Don’t Get

Truths About Love Men Just Don’t Get

This is the harsh truth, men and women think in totally two opposite directions when it comes to love. But maybe if men took the time to see things from this point of you and maybe if women would calm down a little bit, love wouldn’t be as much as a roller coaster as it is today.

Her Appearance Isn’t Equal To Her Worth

Here’s something guys get all messed up: a woman’s worth has got nothing to do with her appearance In fact, your worth is not dependent on anything at all — it simply is. They can go for big-breasted bombshell, but her looks don’t mean she’s worth more. Worth and Looks are NEVER equal.

Everyone Deserves Respect

Men today have this messed up: Just because you can’t confront your own feelings doesn’t give you the right to disrespect someone else’s.

Be Honest

Guys complain when women aren’t honest or play games, yet they themselves pull that crap all the time. No one know is a mind reader! We don’t know how you feel until you actually open your mouth and say it!

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about what you want, what you need and how you’re feeling. Don’t use the excuse, ‘She won’t be able to handle it,” Or, “I just didn’t want to hurt you.”

Actually Listen For A Change

Put down the cell phone, stop letting your eyes wander, and seriously pay attention to what she is saying for change! You may actually learn a thing or two! Don’t give any lectures, tips or comments. Just seriously listen to what she is saying. Show us that you care enough to hear what we have to say.

Learn To Argue Right

So she said something you don’t agree with or she did something that really made you mad. Okay, we get it. Things happen. But yelling at her like she is five years old gets you where again? Yelling gets no one anywhere. Women need to learn this as well. Instead count to 10, take a deep breath, and seriously talk it out- calmly.

Be Spontaneous

Being able to “go with the flow” is one of the traits women like in men the most. Yes, having a planned date isn’t all that bad, but what is even better is just getting in the car, driving somewhere, parking, talking, and yes, even having a little make out session isn’t all that bad. We don’t always need the full nine yards.

Groomed Men Are Hot

For most women, beards are not a turn on, but rather a turn off. Especially when they make a guy look like a freaking cave man! Take care of your self includes to shave every so often. I like a guy with scruff and I like a guy with a goatee, but if you start to let yourself go and you look worse than a caveman, I’ll start thinking what else are you not taking care of?

Believe In Yourself

Love is about loving yourself first. So how can you manage to love anyone else if you don’t believe in who you are and embrace it? Don’t change to make someone love you. If you have to do that, then that person doesn’t deserve you at all! Everyone has baggage, it’s the person that helps you unpack it and accepts your flaws, that truly loves you.

Compromising Is Important

Every woman feels better when she knows that you are ready to negotiate and work hard to find a solution that will be acceptable for both sides. It’s not always about you!

Companionship Is Most Important

Relationships that rely on their friendship are the ones that last. While relationships that rely on their sexual chemistry fizzle out and end. Sexual chemistry is important, but what makes a relationship last is the companionship you feel when you are together. Because frankly, you aren’t going to be having sex all the time. You are though going to be together and enjoying each other’s company is important.


A simple ‘thank you’ accompanied by a smile can go far in showing you appreciate whatever it is they are doing for you. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart and design a thank you card every time she does something sweet for you, but you should acknowledge the fact that you appreciate it.

Show Affection

You can say “I love you” until you turn blue in the face, but it doesn’t mean beans, until you actually show us that you really do. A simple kiss, a hug out of the blue, be there for her, etc.

Challenging Her And Playing Hard To Get Are Different

Give her just enough space to wonder what we’re doing. Mystery challenges her mind to want to know more and will do more, and have more fun trying to get it are playing hard tactics. Challenging her to get to you is just plain mean! Yes teasing her and flirting with her are ways to play hard to get, but sometimes you guys take it way too far. And when she walks away, remember you did that with your games.

Being Independent Is Important

We understand that you need time to yourselves, we get it. But.. us women need the same time to ourselves! Don’t let the jealous horns out to play when it’s our turn to hang with the girls, or when we just want to be alone. You guys cry that you need space, well guess what? So do we!

Impressing Us and Being Cocky Are Two Different Beasts

Here’s the difference: Being cocky is being excessively proud of oneself whereas showing off your new car or telling us about your promotion is different. You can impress us b how you handle yourself in a difficult situation. You are being cocky when you think you are God’s gift to women. Stop overdoing it. Just be yourself. In the end, isn’t that who you want her to be with- You?



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