Thoughts All Women Have About Sex

Thoughts All Women Have About Sex

Contrary to what men may believe, women do think about sex — a lot. Strange things run through every woman’s mind when she’s fantasizing about getting it on, or even while doing the deed.

Here are 19 common thoughts every woman has had about an intimate encounter.

That Was Fast

Sometimes men reach the finish line a little earlier than expected. In an attempt to spare his feelings, this is when some women pretend to be satisfied while secretly hoping he fuels up for another go-around.

When Will It Be Over?

On the contrary, it may seem like he’s lasting an eternity. And as much as men may deny it, boring sex is a real thing.

I Need To Buy Lube

Some men unfortunately aren’t any good at foreplay, and without proper stimulation lube becomes a basic necessity.

Am I Being Loud?

The dilemma every woman faces during intense love-making. The man wants to hear some feedback, but it’ll be the end of the world if you wake up your roommates. And sometimes women just want to enjoy it without having to act like a cheerleader, much to men’s dismay.

I Wish I Was More Flexible

Every woman wishes she was as flexible as the cheerleaders her man eyes during Monday Night Football. No woman likes getting leg cramps half way through a love making session, and being in shape allows a woman to keep her man on this toes with different positions. Perhaps yoga isn’t such a bad idea after all.

It’s Time To Learn Something New

Feeling like it’s the same boring routine every time get’s old fast. Women want to surprise their man in bed, and learning new tricks is always on a woman’s to-do list.

It Could Be Better

Are women ever really satisfied? Most hook-ups women have are lacking and leave them wanting more.

I Wish He Did That More Often

When a man finds that thing that really gets her going, he should never stop doing it. There’s no turning back after a woman experiences something mind-blowing.

I Should Try Anal

Every woman thinks it, but not every woman acts upon it.

I Wish I Could Have More

Women like sex just as much as men do, but fear of being labeled derogatory names keep their libidos in check. Just because they don’t go around bragging about it, or trying to hook-up with every guy they meet, doesn’t mean it isn’t constantly on their mind.

Best Sleep Ever

If a woman is having trouble sleeping, she may want sex just to help her sleep better. Nothing beats a full night’s rest after some good love making.

Does This Mean It’s Official?

When a woman sleeps with a man she’s interested in, she automatically starts day dreaming about their wedding and what their babies will look like. Women take sex more serious than guys do, and it can lead to major miscommunication down the road.

Am I Doing It Right?

All women want to be sex goddesses, and they don’t want their man to complain to his buddies about lack-luster bedroom skills. When in doubt, just ask him what he likes. Most men will be more than happy to teach you how to please them.

I Wish I Could Finish

Some men see it as mission impossible and don’t put much effort into the female orgasm. It just isn’t fair!

I’m A Rockstar

Knowing they can please their man in numerous different ways leaves a woman with a sense of accomplishment. A woman has total control when she knows just what to do to get her man hot and bothered.

That Hurts

Seriously, is anyone able to bend that way? No! Back off me buster, that hurts.

Let’s Do it Again Soon

This was so good, we need to schedule our next one.

I Really Love Him

Sappy, but true.

That Was Real Dirty

So much dirty stuff just got all over your sheets, the only thing you can think is “this is going to be so messy to clean up”.