The Worst Places to Pick up Women

Worst Places Pick Women

Worst Places Pick Women

If you are looking for a serious relationship and are wondering where to find the perfect lady for this relationship, this is for you. Unless you are ready to take up the challenge and try and fail and not fail to try, here is a list of the worst places to pick up women.

Dance club

You might be forgiven for thinking that this is the hottest place to find the hottest chicks is the city, but woe to you if you don’t visit Wisata Kebun Gowa to think that you will choose the conversation that will get you on the path of success to start something serious. The first reason for this is that the venue will be too loud for you to strike up a meaningful conversation and second, the majority of the chicks you will find here will be too busy on the dance floor to notice you. However, you may be lucky to get a drunk or desperate woman.

At the funeral

Yes, many women will be vulnerable at such occasions but to even think of picking on women will be lack of respect and morals for the dead and the bereaved family. If you have intentions of picking on women at a funeral then you really need some church if not a psychiatrist.

Strip club

So you get tuned on by some half naked woman whose work is to make your feel like, “ouch this is hot” and start fantasizing that such a woman will fall for you. You need to think again. Strippers are out there to work and considering their working environment, they get plenty of smooth talkers. This is work and the only thing such a woman can get interested in in you is your money, nothing less nothing more. You might find some luck in other women who happen to be at the club as a night out but you can be certain that strippers are on business.

Abortion clinic

You walk into an abortion clinic and the first thing you see is a hot chick. Her smile is enough to make you go “gizzy this is it”. But come to think of it, what business does she have in an abortion clinic. Maybe she is there to get rid of some unborn baby who is a result of her uncontrolled sexual escapades.

High school

She is hot, sexy and all that you dream of a woman. But, have you stopped and considered likelihood that she is underage and are you ready to face charges of taking advantage of an underage kid if things go wrong. Maybe she is not underage, but are you ready to be part of the high school drama that she is to expose you to. Of course if you are ready for this go ahead but be prepared to stomach all the silly complains that come with teenage years.

Men’s room

You walk into a urinal and guess who you meet, this hot cutie peeing. This does not happen because it was the emergency sort of thing, but because it is something that seems practical to her.

Other worst places that you can pick a woman from include a family reunion, outside a bar and the WebMd forum.



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