Ways To Know She Is Flirting With You

Ways To Know She Is Flirting With You

Ways To Know She Is Flirting With You

How can you possibly tell the difference between a woman who’s making an effort to flirt and one who’s simply being nice?

She Maintains Eye Contact

If she never loses focus on your eyes while talking, she is flirting.

She Covers Her Mouth When She Laughs

This ndicates that she cares how she looks and sounds, which says that she is romantically interested in you.

She Angles Her Body Towards Yours

When she is tilting forward with her legs angled towards yours communicates that she’s fine with the idea of getting close.

She Brings Up Anything Touching On Sex

Anytime she mentions anything in a sexual way, she is flirting with you.

She Looks Good Every Time You See Her

If every time she looks like she is going to a photo shoot and never looks “bad” means she wants to leave a lasting impression.

You Seem To Run Into Each Other A Lot…

Chances are that she’s made a mental note that you’ll come in around the same time everyday at a particular place, she wants you to notice her and flirt with you.

She Asks Lots Of Questions

Lots of inquiries are a great way to prolong conversations you don’t want to end…

She Laughs At Your Stupid Jokes

No one else laughs at your corny jokes but her.

She Touches You

While talking to you, she touches your leg, arm, shoulder, etc.

She Asks You For A Favor

This gives her an excuse to hang out with you.

She’s Straightforward

She doesn’t beat around the bush, she tells you what she is thinking. If she’s flirting because she wants to see you again, she’ll make an effort to actually put that in motion.

She Blushes

You make her laugh or smile and she blushes.

She’s Ignoring You, But Staring

This is trick she uses for you to make the first move. She’ll see you, ignore you, and then stare.

She Smiles … A Lot

Whenever you are around her, she is constantly smiling because then you’ll not only notice her, but wonder what she is up to.

Her Friends Know About You

IF you bump into her friends and they mention something about you that she would know, chances are she is talking about you to her friends. And that is a major sign that she is interested in you.

She Cooks For You

If she goes out of her way to find out your favorite foods and makes it for you, she’s flirting. Seriously flirting with you.

She Wears Something To Get You To Notice Her

She might be trying to get your attention if she wears something really hot and unusual and walks past you so you notice her. That is a non-verbal cue that she is flirting with you.

She Plays With Her Hair

Women’s hair is a source of power and confidence to them — why else would they get so devastated after a bad haircut? If she starts twirling it, that’s a power move for her to let you know that she is interested.

Asks For Help

IF she goes, “Excuse me, but do you think you can help me _______________” (fill in the blanks) She is seriously flirting with you because one way to start a conversation is to ask for help.



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