Simple Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive

Simple Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive

Simple Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive

If you have been wondering why certain guys can attract ANY woman they want, but you keep getting stuck with the crazies, Here are a few pointers on how you can be more attractive to women and get ANY woman you truly desire.

Don’t Tell Her A Woman What To Do With Her Body

Yes, we don’t mind telling us that the shade of lipstick doesn’t look good, or the boots we are wearing are not in style, BUT under NO circumstances do we want to hear, “I think you should get a boob job.” Or, “Maybe if you lost a little weight…” Respect a woman’s body choices, we respect yours.

Be Supportive

By this we mean to support our dreams and goals. Women do have career goals and/or dreams just as you do. Also, you can be supportive to a woman who is having a rough time with a personal matter. Show you care, stop the mind games. Mind games are not only frustrating to deal with, when you play them you are being rude.

Don’t Judge a Woman Based on Their Sex Lives

Here’s the deal: A virgin isn’t a prude. A woman who enjoys sex isn’t a slut. And finally, a woman who has boundaries isn’t being picky.

We don’t go around and sleep with guys just to “show you up” Most of the time women sleep with guys they are attracted to and hope to have a long time partner with. Judging them based on their sexual history, isn’t very smart. You could be missing out on a woman who could be making you happy.

… But Don’t Brag About Yours Either

So, you’re hot. Big Whoop. So, all the girls, “throw themselves at you,” Again, Big Whoop. Nothing is more of a turn off than a guy that brags constantly about themselves and especially about their sex life. Learn to keep things private and not only will you score in the bedroom, you make your mark in the score card that matters most to women.

Cook For Her

If you want to make the biggest impression on a woman, it’s simple: COOK for her. No take out. Make a great meal for her, nothing fancy, and she’s yours forever.

Don’t Make Fun of Her

She takes a million selfies, so what? It means absolutely nothing in terms that she is looking around or leaving you… but if you want to gain her attention, make a great comment on her selfies and then you will make her feel special. The more special she feels, the more attracted to you she will become.

Be Open Minded

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is open minded to try new things and take risks. (and not life threatening ones!) Take a risk and open up to her. Tell her something personal. Learn something new and share your knowledge. The saying is true: Knowledge is power.

Trim the Beard

It’s no secret, most women can’t stand men with beards. Especially beards that are not trimmed and beards that take away from your best facial features. A little goatee is sexy as is the scruffy look.

Be Good With Kids

I can’t lie, every time I see a guy holding a baby, playing with kids, or even sharing a heartfelt moment with a child, my heart melts. Women are trained to look for guys who will make great dads someday. Also there are guys who have kids already from previous relationships and just seeing them with their kids and how they care about them, pull at my heart strings.

Stop With Wearing Your Pants Hanging Over Your UnderWear

Did you guys fall on your head and when you came too, thought it would be sexy to wear your pants so low and baggy?

How guys find this practice okay and attractive I am speechless! This is the most ugliest thing ANY guy can do! Not only do you look like you don’t know how to properly get dressed, you look ridiculous beyond belief! If you want to attract women, pick up your pants and learn to use a belt.



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