How Teens Text For Sex Using Acronyms

How Teens Text For Sex Using Acronyms

How Teens Text For Sex Using Acronyms

If you think you are tech savy because you know what LOL means and OMG means, let’s text your coolness with how teens today are using text and acronyms to hide from their parents that they are looking for sex and having sex right under your noses.


When a teen texts this it means: “I want sex now”


When a teen texts this, he or she is saying: Get naked on camera


Teens are very clever, so when they text this to someone, what they are saying is, Naked in front of computer.


Teens know how to outsmart their parents when it comes to cell phones, So when they text this they are saying: See you for sex


If they meet someone online and things get to this point, they are texting Let’s meet in real life.


Sometimes they are texting while you are in the room, so if you see this acronym being texted they are saying Parent In Room.


This acronym is a little sneaky, but it means, Suggestive or erotic photo


Again, teens are savy and sneaky. So when there’s a house that has no parents, and they text this, they are telling everyone the Party meeting place


When teens are starting to text a person of the opposite sex, and they want to start texting naked pics, they send this text: Want to trade pictures?


Say that they are at a party and they text this. What they are saying is that they are: Hungover from alcohol


Sometimes they are not texting, but IMing their friends. When you see this they are telling the person they are talking to: I’m posting naked


When things in a conversation start turning sexual, teens text: Talk dirty to me


Texting a simple “8” really means that a teen is looking for and wanting: Oral Sex.


Finally, when teens are watching porn they text this. All they do is switch up the O and the R.



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