Worst Places To Meet A Guy

Worst Places To Meet A Guy

Worst Places To Meet A Guy

It seems like women are constantly trying to meet eligible bachelors wherever they go these days. Whether it be online or at the club, there’s just a few places where finding a mate isn’t such a good idea. Check out these 15 places women are better off not picking up a man.


Guys who take their workouts seriously aren’t at the gym to meet women. Sure it’s fun to check out the studs, but you better plan to put in some work if you want to take their attention away from the bench press.


Online is all fun and games, but that’s not a good way to establish a strong relationship.

Shopping Mall

The only guys who go to malls in search of a female are those who are immature and can’t find a woman any place else. Trust me, you don’t want to call a guy who gave you his number while you were strolling past the Cinnabon.

Department Of Motor Vehicles

People typically aren’t in the best mood while visiting the DMV, so trying to start up a convo with a man in hopes of a date may not work in your favor here.

Child’s Day Care

Meeting a man whose kid goes to the same day care as yours could be fun — if he’s single. It will also mean dating someone who has a child around the same age as yours, which could make date nights difficult.

Lingerie Store

Any man shopping in a lingerie store must have a significant other already. Meeting a potential date at Victoria’s Secret is basically saying you’re okay with having an affair.


Emotions are running high at funerals, which make them the most inopportune moments to meet a man.

Unemployment Office

A couple without a job between them is a doomed couple. No jobs means no money, and no money means a lot of stress.


Dating co-workers is tricky. It can be a good thing, or a really, really bad idea. Be careful when deciding to take things to the next level with a man from your office.

Therapist’s Office

We all have our problems, but it may not be the best idea to date someone who is also seeking professional help. It would be difficult to work on yourself while in a relationship with someone who is also focused on changing things in their own life.

Strip Club

Ladies, do you really want to date a guy who frequents these joints? Some people find going to strip clubs fun, but dating a bouncer or bartender at one may make you have too many insecurities.


Don’t fall in love with a prisoner, just don’t do it. How can he take you out when he’s confined to a cell? Plus he has a criminal record and that would only weigh you down in the long run if you did end up marrying a former convict.

Clinic Waiting Room

The guy sitting next to you in the waiting room may be cute, but there’s a reason why he’s there. Getting tested is smart, but who knows how often he needs to get tested. He may be too much of a ladies man if you know what I mean, and those aren’t the types of guys any woman wants to settle down with.


Beating an addiction is tough, and living clean and sober is the main focus of any rehab. Finding someone to date shouldn’t even be on your mind if you’re in rehab or even working at one.


The only men who are looking to meet women at a club are those who want just a one night fling. You may think you found a keeper, but in the morning he’ll be gone.



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